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About Us

About Us


About DS Overseas

15 years of experience
Visa Immigration

Weve been counselling students for educational Opportun in Foreign countries.

Our sole aim is to help to assist and guide you to achieve your migration goal with easy.
It is generally believed that immigration to a new country can sometimes become a daunting process, followed with challenges. In most of the cases, it is confusion and frustration with the application process. Above all, many a times, we are not sure about the sincerity and capability of the immigrant agent.
We seek to minimize these challenges, particularly the confusion and frustration. Our goal is that you have the freedom to focus on the excitement of immigration to another country. Our team of experienced professional coupled with our association with international authorized and competative representatives are devoted to providing you with accurate immigration advice and excellent service.

Our Mission

In an ever changing fast paced, internet connected world, success of an organization represents on how fast you would give your services to the clients. It is generally believed that immigration to a new country is a daunting process and full of challenges. In many cases it is confusion and frustration with the immigration process. Above all, the clients are not sure about the sincerity and capability of the agent. Our goal is to minimize these challenges, Particularly the confusion and frustration.
“Our mission is that while client remains focused on the excitement of immigrating to the new Country, we remain focused on the immigration process”.


DS-Overseas is at a unique advantages position of competition. Our services, methodologies and professionalism are hardly a match. Our locational advantage, being at the hub of activity center; i.e. Madhya Marg, Chandigarh, has a very high potential. Now a day’s students want easiest approach to the consultants. Our online registration through our website www.dsoveseaseduction.com give them house service.

So it will really be effortless for us to capture the market of students interested in studying abroad. May of the clients as being predominantly people interested in migrating overseas or studying overseas, we have standardized our services which are hardly a match in quality and price.
Our marketing strategy is through newspapers, online (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) TV, Seminars and internet advertisement.

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Our Policies

  • Our policy is to provide the best and most individualized client service and solutions
  • Proper case management and easy communication between client and company.
  • Our team of experts assist you in the preparation, documentation, submission ,on call support